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Personal Sanitizer Kit – Microwin CHG Handrub + Vivlon + KN95 Face Mask


Microwin Personal Sanitizer Kit

Portable and handy kit ideal to carry along

Microwin CHG Handrub (2 x 500ml), Vivlon (1 x 100ml), one KN95 Face mask

Total cost: 500 + 55 + 120 = 675/-

Pay only INR 500/- & get 26% discount | Free Home Delivery


Microwin Personal Sanitizer Kit – portable kit to carry anywhere

Microwin CHG Handrub effectively provides prolonged protection from germs and bacteria.  Specially formulated with moisturizers and emollients, to keep hands soft, fresh, and clean.

Vivlon is a strong antiseptic liquid first-aid treatment. It is effective on all types of minor cuts, bruises, and wounds. It does not sting and therefore, helps heal without hurting.

K95 Face Mask for face covering

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