Microwin Handrub 70% Alcohol Moisturising Sanitizer 100 ML

Microwin Handrub sanitizer 100 ml is a 70% alcohol-based hand sanitizer with moisturizing properties. It kills over 99.99% of the harmful disease-causing bacteria and germs. The hand sanitizer ingredients keep your hands clean, fresh and moisturized. You can get this hand sanitizer in a portable 100 ml bottle that can be carried in a small bag, purse or even in your pockets for keeping your hands clean on the go.

Just pour 8-10 ml from the hand sanitizer bottle on dry and unsoiled hands and rub for 15-20 seconds.

No need to wash or dry with a towel.

For external use only.



  • Active ingredients in 100 g
  • 2-Propanol IP 45.0 g
  • 1-Propanol 30.0 g
  • Ethyl-Hexadecyl-Dimethyl Ammonium Ethysulphate 0.2 g

Main Features:

  • Unique, easy to use alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer.
  • Microwin® Handrub® is an alcohol-based instant hand sanitizer. Alcohol hand rub kills 99.99% of a broad range of bacteria including drug-resistant bacteria like MRSA & VRE, Viruses like HIV, HBV, Yeast, and Fungi.
  • Microwin® Handrub® comes with skin protective emollients and moisturizers.
  • Microwin® Handrub® is extremely gentle on hands and provide soothing moisturization even after repeated application.
  • Hypo-allergic, well-tolerated on skin.
  • Microwin® Handrub® has persistent anti-microbial activity. This helps to inhibit the growth of microorganisms on the skin in between every Handrub.

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