Before we learn how to pick right hand sanitizer supplier, it is important to know more about hand hygiene. Why should we do it at home or at work place.

Encouraging Hand Hygiene

Coronavirus has hit the world with some disturbing facts and figures. People are becoming more and more anxious as the pandemic continues to run its course without any definitive end in sight. The global outbreak has stunted regular business operations and shifted the paradigm towards new and upcoming products that were once on the shelves. Several companies have been forced to innovate and develop products that facilitate a sudden shift in consumers’ minds, which correspond with safety, cleanliness, and hygiene.

Nowadays sanitizers have become an essential personal hygiene product to get protected from several diseases and infections.

A complete hand hygiene program involves more than providing the right products. Having wall-mounted hand sanitizing dispensers on surfaces near germ hotspots is essential to improving your workers’ health. But it’s only beneficial when workers regularly use them.

We suggest you provide leaflets, posters, internal newsletters, and information boards near dispensers and offer quick, easy hand hygiene facts.
According to the 6 Step Method recommended by the World Health Organization, these materials need to clarify how to apply hand sanitizer properly.

Employers should also offer educational meetings and seminars throughout the year to remind and teach workers on important health issues with hygiene best practices.
We also suggest you stock up on hand hygiene refills during the cold and flu season as well.

Why should you Sanitize the Workplace?

Hand sanitizers reduce microbial counts and kill many harmful germs that could infect workers with the flu and other viruses.

If you want to keep the workplace a healthy and thriving environment, you must prioritize your employees’ health. Providing hand sanitizer for employees at desks, entrances, and communal areas is important today more than ever.

Alcohol-based hand sanitizers protect the hands against germs, bacteria, and infections and nourish and moisturize them.

Choosing the right hand sanitizer supplier:

It’s important to look out for a sanitizer manufacturer that focuses on reliable, quality products. This is possible only if these brands have a manufacturing and distribution network of their own within the country. This will help dealers and distributors churn out optimum profits for themselves and provide the people with a home-grown product that is useful in the best possible way.

Things to consider before you order from a hand sanitizer wholesale supplier:
This being hygiene product, quality of the product should be top most concern. You should look for Stated purity and alcohol content as WHO recommends 60% or more in alcohol based sanitizers.
– Prices
Since it’s a seller’s market for many healthcare products and there is more demand than supply, you should expect higher unit prices for more products.
Minimum Order Quantities requirements may be higher than normal.
– Payment Terms
– Product Compliance
You must request and verify test reports and other compliance documents before placing an order.

If you are looking to have a reliable partner to whom you can outsource manufacturing, or as a supplier of disinfectant products, GMP certified, ISO approved, quality manufacturing, you can contact Microwin.

We fill the gap due to the capacity, time, and expertise our customers have.
We can take over the manufacturing for you.

Our products undergo strict quality checks and are certified as per local laws and regulations on health standards.

Naturally, you will own the brand, and our role will be the back office of manufacturing.

We can provide you with an affordable, reliable supply of hand sanitizers or disinfectants across India.

Through easy and affordable wholesale supply, we can make sure that you always have the quantity and quality of the product you require to meet any stated objective.


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